Our Cosmology, Part III: The Greatest Betrayal?

Jesus says many things that many people don’t like because it isn’t the way they had been taught. One major inciting event, which our play calls the Disturbance at the Temple, is the Temple Tantrum or the Cleansing of the Temple. Jesus overturns tables, throws some people out, and yells at the rest that they are using His father’s temple for the wrong reasons. Now both the Romans and the Jews have issues with Jesus.

At the Last Supper, the final Passover meal Jesus has with the Apostles, Jesus announces that soon He will die, much to the shock of everyone present. He also says that one of the Apostles will betray Him. Judas asks, “Is it I, Rabbi?” and Jesus replies, “Thou hast said it… That which thou dost, do quickly.” Or, as our play puts it, “Do what you gotta do.” Judas betrays Jesus to the authorities, since he believes that’s what he must do.